14th July 2020 (London)

Dimsum Daily, a pro-Hong Kong government web domain reported on 2nd July, Nathan Law, an ex-Legislator Councillor who stepped down from the now-defunct Demosisto Party two days ago finally announced on his Facebook page that he has left Hong Kong to safeguard his personal interest. Protest insiders have mixed reactions about the ‘sudden departure’ of one of the ring-leaders of the commonly referred Black Bloc riots in 2019.

He apologised for not announcing the details and he does not know when he will return to Hong Kong. He said he missed the beautiful Hong Kong city while looking down from his plane and he claimed to be young man with no regrets over his fight for freedom. After Nathan Law, co-founder of the now-defunct Demosisto Party announced that he had fled Hong Kong, 20-year-old Isaac Cheng Ka Long, the Vice-President of Demosisto was also rumoured to have left Hong Kong together with Nathan Law. We reported on 3rd July that they boarded a flight to U.K. on 27th June.

Yesterday evening during his birthday (13th July), Nathan Law finally confirmed on his Facebook that he is in London.

The following is the full excerpt of his Facebook statement:

With my backpack and small luggage in hand, I boarded my night flight. I had no idea what future awaited me. Only one thing seemed certain. My destination: London. Then, just before touching touch some 12 hours later, I saw buildings of varying heights beneath a cloudless sky. In this strange land, I began planning for the life ahead of me. There remains so many uncertainties. Every individual decision we make has broader ramifications. We don’t live only for ourselves. Thus far I’ve kept a low profile on my whereabouts in order to mitigate the risks. I never had the opportunity to deliberate much before my departure. Perhaps every Hongkonger has lost much of our imagination and ability think big in the face of political upheaval: If we don’t even know if our next protest, next court hearing will be followed by imprisonment, how do we take the long view? These days, I’ve been speaking to plenty of reporters from the little apartment at which I currently stay. There’s always one message I have: Hong Kongers will never give up. We aren’t fractured. On the contrary, we’re well-equipped to face the next difficult battle.Thank you for all your kind wishes. As I turn 27 today, I can’t say I’m anything but anxious and unsettled. I’m not one to celebrate my birthday, especially since Liu Xiaobo’s passing on this very day three years ago. There’s not much to be cheerful about. My biggest wish is peace to Hong Kongers. We will keep our city and spirit alive.

Many in the rioters scene are not as understanding for Nathan Law’s decision as Mr. Law maybe wishes. A mother of a 19-year students who faces rioting chargers in district court said, “He [Nathan Law] stirred up the riots, and now when it gets tough, he runs to save his skin. Where can he keep his face. The rest of his friends, including my son, are now facing the consequence of the nonsense of the old rich-guys put in their heads.”. The single-mother hope that the judge will give her son, who faces as 10-year sentence, some leniency. “He is a good boy, never caused me any grief.”, she said.

It is not clear at this point if the Hong Kong Police will seek extradition for Nathan Law and others to face courts for his pending charges.