In the morning hours today Jimmy Lai one of the organizers, suspected funders and instigators of the Black Bloc riots were accosted by the Hong Kong Police who executed a National Security Law (NSL) warrant on the premises of the Hong Kong based Apply News. The Hong Kong SAR and Beijing dismantling of the extremist insurgency has commenced. Police served a warrant contrary to activists claims.

Hong Kong police said they arrested at least nine people between the ages of 23 and 72 on suspicion of violating the new security law, with offenses including collusion with a foreign country and conspiracy to defraud. They did not release the names of those arrested or provide further details of the charges.

Contrary to many in the pro-democracy camp Hong Kong citizens are supporting the event and applauding the arrests after months of unrests, fire bombings, IEDs, the killing of a 70-year old bystander and the setting of a bystander on fire.

Shackled the known face of the Hong Kong revolution and a few other executives were led away to be charged. His manager, an American and former Naval Intelligence analyst, Mark Simon, is currently abroad but also wanted by police.  More arrests are expected.

After the killing and setting a bystander alight dousing the victim with petrol the mood changed within the administration and the police. It was clearly not about democracy but about extremism. Beijing called it terrorism. The public wanted the riots to stop and called for an increase of action after large stores of explosive making material was discovered.

Police discovery of explosive material storage

The insurrection had real impacts on the daily lives of ordinary citizens of Hong Kong. 75% of the public transportation system destroyed, attacks on police officers with deadly weapons such as bricks or knife almost a daily occurrence, businesses intimidated and routinely extorted, and a society divided.

With the economy tanking the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions GDP losses were staggering. The insurrection hit rock bottom with about 4-5 % GDP, investments in Hong Kong nearly came to a complete stop. Many retail businesses were hard hit by the destruction what is now commonly known as the Black Block. Destruction and widespread looting were common, daily occurrence.

With the insertion of the national security law the pro-democracy camp decried the move but carefully reading it reads like the U.S. Patriot Act, the UK anti-terror legislation and other laws dealing with extremism.

Expert for some time argued, unsuccessfully initially, the unrest are insurrectionist actions. An American agitator called the Hong Kong riots a low-level insurgency. If we take his words as gospel each insurgency has leadership, structure, organization and most importantly, money. Accepting his argument, the Hong Kong leadership is full within its powers to execute the laws of the land to apprehend offenders who incite violence, death and loss of life and ownership.

Maybe an important lesson for the United States are to be learned here. Democracy is not delivered by the barrel of the gun. It seldom worked. Supporting an extremist Marxists ideology like the Black Block or anarchists from Greece and repackage this as democracy is head-shaking dumb.

Democracy yes, American democracy No, thank you!

What is also missed by the leftist intelligentsia in Washington is that the Russian Federation, China, and many other countries do not reject democracy. Many wishes, and say so, openly to engage in democratic values. But they reject the U.S. version of democracy of all-in, no barrels hold.

Converting societies with conservative values into a U.S. drug infested, hip-hopping ghetto culture is not what many have in mind when imaging what democracy is. The Obama appointment of a gay affairs senior policy official and recent flag ceremonies over embassies displaying ‘gay pride’ flags next to the U.S. flag had many diplomats and officials in their host country laughing. Some reports suggests the reaction was viewed as flat-out offensive to many foreign dignitaries.

“We don’t see the building of the US Embassy from the Kremlin. But our Foreign Ministry definitely does,” Peskov said answering a question on whether the Kremlin had noticed the breach of Russian laws. “In any case, the propaganda of nontraditional sexual minorities [among youngsters] is prohibited by law in our country,” Peskov stressed.

‘When policy becomes an agenda, the message is lost on the intended audience, then policy is a waste of time’, said a foreign diplomat. Both, political leaders, and the media missed the point and fell in love with far-left extremist Marxist.

The Revolution has come home.

Striking is the insurrection in the United States, much larger and more violent in scale, officials from the United States routinely deflect from the Black Block riots in Hong Kong and the damage it has caused, fail to recognize its own domestic issues.

Questions on who organizes the unrests remains vague ambiguous but according to experts are clearly visible. “A blind guy with a stick can sees who is benefiting from this”, said one expert interviewed. The revolution has come home.

The arrests are largely applauded by the citizen on the street. The revolutionary, arsonist, megalomaniac Marxist doctrine the far-left extremists Marxist-Leninist adopted in Hong Kong are as ill conceived as many of the previous administration pursued.

Like in Hong Kong doxxing of police officers, their families is bringing society on the edge. These tactics based on some bizarre narrative generated by Gene Sharp are reflected in the online doctrines by vanguards and militant action groups. The call for attacks, use of snipers, ambushes, paint, urine, feces, and other toxic material thrown at police. Hong Kong police officers suffered battery acid burns.

And like in Hong Kong the revolution is running through the summer. It is like in Hong Kong aimed to force political change through mobilizing the voting base to reject the Trump administration. This is a very sophisticated process, highly cerebral, reversed psychological process but posters circulated in the protests and online shows the insurgents aim. Remove Trump and the Republican party.

The ‘earthquake’ change out of U.S. administration will however not bring stability to the country or the globe and the U.S. will enter a protracted period of internal instability. ‘It will signal the weakening of the United States and lead to new threats in the landscape’, a source told us.

Unspoken, but acknowledged in senior circles, the Democrats movement was identified already in 2014 by a U.S. Senate minority report and exceeding the intended purpose of funding and republicans warned of change will come if they win the elections.

Online Youtube videos of Secretary Clinton nodding to a Walmart funded initiative shows commercial lobbying and politics are intertwined was seen as part of the evidence of the far left business interests exceeding their accepted realm mingling in affairs of the state.

What is missed is the Hong Kong revolution was a prelude for the foreign activists to go home and apply the tactics in use in Portland, Seattle, New York, and Washington. Yes, the revolution is applied against their own. That is what extremist Marxism and far-left extremists do.

What is also missed none of those sociopaths of their leader’s belief in democracy, free speech or the protection of heritage, race, culture, or religion. None of their leaders condemned the violence and destruction but eagerly blamed this on the police, which without doubt was abusive but contrary to rumors and misinformation did not call on the PLA to deal with insurgency.

Once the police and political leaders got their act together it started to dismantle the threat to Hong Kong’s way of life. Thespian cries of death of democracy, curtailment of rights and other doomsday predictions are not supported by the public.

No doubt the role of the United States will suffer a blowback in the years to come but it is argued it provides a strategic opportunity to show China the power of the United States. We shall see, said the Zen-master.

U.S. foreign policy is notorious for changing like a flag in the wind and Pompeo, and Steve Bannon made a point that the United States is the ultimate revolutionary power. No doubt Beijing is listening, learning but warned the U.S. of the consequences of their action.

In fact, if you look for a place to no longer invest in the United States, Portland and Seattle are such places. Racism is ripe, book burnings by far-left extremists are straight out of the Nazi playbook and reminiscent of Islamic State and other extremist movement.

Burning a Church in Washington, D.C., or toppling statues under the claim of democracy has nothing to do with benefits to Black Lives Matter who is leaded by “trained Marxists”.

This new Marxism applauded by a liberal left leaning culture in the United States that has created hate, distrust, paranoia. Started in 2014 and throughout 2016 the Umbrella revolution and Occupy Wall Street it was the largely ignored outlier of a current of change. The planning for targeting the New York Police Department, the heroes of 9/11 started in 2016.

None of this stream are democratic, in fact in the U.S. the Black Lives Matter routinely calls whites as inferior to the Black race and social media circulates porn sites promote racial dominated Black “seeding” the white woman as a form of dominance. Besides the commercial aspect the political narrative of power dominance of another race is evident.

None of groups Black Block, Antifa, the U.S. term, or Black Lives Matter is about equality or freedom of speech.

Attacking a 77-year woman for different views covering her with paint and desecrating her home was another example how the revolution is derailing. The arson attack setting a citizen on fire live online is overlooked by U.S. liberal media.

Until today the victim suffers horrible burn injuries and none of so-called democratic leaders ever apologized to the victim.

In the U.S., the woman was defended by a neighbor who did not agree with her but stood up. Freedom of Speech according to Professor Jonathan Turley is under threat.

However, what is missed by the U.S. media and policy officials is that the subversive undercurrent of movements in Hong Kong, Germany, France, Lebanon, and now the United States create forces that will linger for decades.

What can we expect?

In Hong Kong, the arrests likely will deal to court cases, further arrests and the structured dismantling of the leaders and supporters of the insurrectionists. Informed insiders said this will expand beyond the political setting and will include organized crime figures rumored to be involved in helping with the logistics and funding of the riots.

The elections in Hong Kong will happen next year. Again, the movement were flawed in mobilizing the public for a mock-election giving the game away ahead of the election. It gave the government all the reasons.

The extremist cells gone underground by now and keeps a stealth presence. Its foreign agents were never in danger to being exposed with the Hong Kong Police Force could not see beyond its borders. But unclear is the size of the domestic cells despite hints by the SAR administration the administration remains tight lipped about the seven extremists’ groups identified. ‘The political and police leadership likely were shell shocked about this could happened under their noses’, said one expert interviewed, ‘it just a failure in lateral thinking by the officials.’

‘Only when the police will transparently disclose details will the public regain the trust’, she added.

It is entirely feasible that throughout 2020 and 2021 small arson attacks, even new bomb plots will emerge. An overseas, particularly Germany, the UK, and the US new cells from the now in exile extremists will form. This development may take 2 years but without doubt will make a stance eventually.

In the United States, the administration has stark choices ahead. If Trump wins, the extremist will claim rights are infringed and domestic terror cells could appear. If the Democrats win the revolutionaries will demand their fair share of power.

In the chatrooms, online forums, and social media the rejection of the Democrats is openly debated living little room for misinterpretation on where the United States is heading.

In the end of all the drama one thing is for certain. Great plans hardly survive the first contact and it seems the Hong Kong Police and the administration gotten finally the upper hand on some of the plotters and planners of the 2019 insurrection.

The leaders were responsible for a backlash by the state, prison terms under a UK system of law for a large number of citizens and a damaged economy.