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First Forensic Digital Laboratory Launched in Kazakhstan

The first forensic digital laboratory, which will make the offender identification process easier, has been launched in Kazakhstan. Thanks to new digital technologies, specialists will be able to quickly conduct computer forensics, as well as detect and identify individuals by biometric features on photo and video materials.

“We are now fighting the consequences of crimes and developing a map for their forecast. The most important thing is that we must always be one step ahead, and criminals and offenders should know this,” said Kazakh Interior Minister Marat Akhmetzhanov.

“The laboratory has conceptually new equipment with the new software that will allow to carry out computer-based technical investigations in the shortest possible time. This is a new type of research in the system of the Kazakh Interior Ministry. Previously, the investigation was conducted by other special government agencies. The project, launched at the beginning of the year as part of the Concept of security provision in partnership with society, improved the facial identification system. Criminologists can now connect online to cameras with IP addresses and identify people who have committed latent thefts or other crimes,” said Mukhit Suleimenov, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that this measure is the best way to prevent illegal actions and increase public security. It bears noting that the relevant ministry also has a molecular genetic laboratory, which collects databases of DNA samples of convicts, and biological traces seized from crime scenes.

Source : JibekJoly