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Five 388-Metre Urban Ziplines Open in Macau

An immersive urban skyscraper zipline, which features a light show and music during each flight, has opened on Macau.

Located at the Lisboeta Macau, within the famous international tourism and leisure destination of Cotai, each Zipcity flight offers riders panoramic views across the areas’s ‘retrospective zone’, which includes a replica of the iconic Macau Palace floating casino through to a ‘futuristic zone’ as a time travel experience.

With five ziplines alongside each other, five riders can embark on the 388-meter journey (the world’s third longest urban zipline) through the sky of Cotai together, reaching speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour.

“I wanted to create something where the spectacle and awe of the destination is 99% of the experience,” said Scott Davies, CEO of Zipcity Macau. “As we operate throughout the day, we offer guests two different types of flights – a family-friendly thrilling experience during the day where the whole family can zipline together as we have five ziplines, and at night, it turns into an experiential destination that engages every sense.”

After sunset, special audio and visuals add a whole new level of excitement to the experience. As the countdown begins from the 60-metre high take off tower, over one hundred thousand LED lights illuminate every inch of the take off tower, platform, cables – even the landing zone – for stunning effects in sync with an adrenaline pumping custom-made soundtrack.

All Zipcity tickets include a complimentary photo and video package. AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered wide angle video cameras are provided to customers before their flights, and all the fun and excitement of the Zipcity flight experience is captured, edited using AI and digitally delivered to the customer within minutes of their arrival at the Zipcity landing tower.

“We made Zipcity exactly 388 metres long because it is an auspicious number which symbolises ‘generate wealth or abundance’ – we want each flight to bring good fortune during each rider’s stay in this vibrant city,” added Davies.

Zipcity is a member of ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) that governs safety and provides professional training for the global zipline industry.

Source : Travel News Asia