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GeoPard Agriculture and Eurasia Group Kazakhstan Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Precision Farming in Central Asia

In April 2023, Eurasia Group Kazakhstan and GeoPard Agriculture entered into a partnership agreement to bring the new GeoPard Agriculture solution to the markets of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The two companies share a common goal: to contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture in Kazakhstan by introducing precision farming solutions and optimizing crop production throughout the agricultural year.

The cooperation is aimed to support farmers who are looking for new and practical ways to optimize and automate crop production processes, increase the profitability of their business, and reduce environmental footprint.

Vladimir Klinkov, Managing Director and Co-founder of GeoPard Agriculture: “We are very excited to launch our solution for precision and sustainable agriculture in the Kazakh market. GeoPard Agriculture utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including cloud computing for processing vast volumes of geospatial data, and artificial intelligence, and analyzes field data from all possible sources. The GeoPard team has been working in the field of agriculture and developing digital solutions since 2012, and now it has brought its expertise to the lands of Kazakhstan. We automate precision farming expertise and offer a solution at the most reasonable price with the best quality.”

Customers can manage productivity and analyze factors affecting field heterogeneity and yield, identify locations for soil sampling based on productivity zones, perform field monitoring and scouting, and create variable rate application (VRA) maps for seeding, fertilizing, crop protection products, and growth regulators applications.

“The GeoPard Agriculture solution is unique in that it provides comprehensive analytics across a large number of data layers, relying on yield maps, soil analysis, air moisture and vegetation moisture indicators over a multi-year period. The software is based on 35 years of NDVI satellite image data for each specific field, and then, at his discretion, the farmer can load other indicators into it with our help. The program will analyze the data and productivity of the field areas, making prescriptions for further Variable rate application (VRA) of seeds and fertilizers. This, above all, will lead to savings in seeds and fertilizers, and increase the yield and efficiency of the agricultural business,” commented Evgeny Chesnokov, Director of the Agricultural Management Division of Eurasia Group Kazakhstan.

The GeoPard Agriculture solution was tested in the fields of Kazakhstan this year and is already actively used by Kazakh farmers.

GeoPard is an independent precision agriculture platform that enables agribusinesses to implement data-driven sustainable agronomic practices. The GeoPard engine automatically processes data from many providers, such as multispectral and radar satellite imagery from Planet, Sentinel, and Landsat; soil sampling results; yield data within proprietary formats (Precision Planting, John Deere, CNH); high-density soil scanners data; and topography data (including LIDAR). The solution easily plugs into any system and allows seamless integration via API. This flexibility allows the company to collaborate with a wide range of partners such as Origin Digital to promote innovative solutions to the challenges faced by crop growers.

Source : Global AG Tech