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Govt Responds to Accusation of Hamas Tunnels Under Indonesian Hospital in Gaza

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry responded to Israel’s accusation that the Indonesian Hospital is being used as a base for the Palestinian-resistant group Hamas. Ministry spokesperson Lalu Muhammad Iqbal stressed that the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza was built by the Indonesian public fully for humanitarian purposes. The hospital is intended to provide medical treatments for Palestinians.

“Indonesian Hospital is entirely managed by Palestinian authorities in Gaza, even if from time to time Indonesian volunteers also help,” Iqbal said in a brief text message on Tuesday, November 7.

The statement was relayed in response to Israel’s accusation of a tunnel network underneath the Indonesian Hospital. The supposed tunnel is allegedly being used by Hamas to launch attacks.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson even accused Hamas of systematically building the Indonesian Hospital to hide its terror infrastructure underneath it. Hagari also released a supposed recording between Hamas officers explaining the usage of the Indonesian Hospital’s fuel supply to launch an attack.

Iqbal explained that the Indonesian Hospital is one of the few remaining hospitals still functioning in Gaza. This hospital is treating an overwhelming number of people injured due to Israeli airstrikes that hit Gaza every day. 

“The [Indonesian] Hospital is treating patients in a number far beyond its capacity,” Iqbal emphasized.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has been consistent in condemning and calling for an immediate stop to Israel’s relentless attacks on civilians in Gaza. Retno demanded Israel to stop striking humanitarian facilities in Gaza, including hospitals and ambulances.

The call for protection in the Indonesian Hospital also related to the presence of three Indonesian nationals volunteering in Gaza who decided to stay for humanitarian purposes. 

“The three Indonesian volunteers are in good condition and consciously decided not to be evacuated by the government. The Foreign Ministry continues to communicate with them to monitor their condition,” Iqbal said.

Source : Tempo.co