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“If Anyone Shows Proof…”: Himanta Sarma On Allegations Against Wife

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s wife Riniki Bhuyan Sarma today said she would files a ₹ 10 crore defamation case against Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi over his allegation that her company has taken a ₹ 10 crore central subsidy.

There has been an intense war of words between Mr Gogoi and the Chief Minister on X (formerly Twitter) since yesterday over Mrs Sarma’s alleged involvement in receiving a credit-linked subsidy from the Central Government.

 “Pride East Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. is an independent entity in existence since 2006 with business interests in varied sectors. It is a law-abiding company with all its financial records in the public domain. With a long and successful business track record, Pride East Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.- like any other qualifying enterprise – is eligible to participate in government-supported programs/incentive schemes. However in the present case, pertaining to the PM Kisan Sampada Scheme, Pride East Entertainments Pvt. Ltd has neither claimed or received a single paisa of government subsidy, despite meeting all the eligible criteria,” Riniki Bhuyan Sarma tweeted in X.

Attaching Lok Sabha replies, Mr Gogoi had initially posted: “The whole day yesterday Himanta Biswa Sarma parroted one line regarding his wife’s firm. For his benefit I am stating the reply of Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal in Parliament. Piyush Goyal’s reply has exposed the truth and both Ministers need to clarify”.

“The reply itself clarifies the fact that the Government of India has not released any funds to the mentioned company. I want to emphasize once again that neither my wife nor the company she is associated with has received or claimed any amount from the Government of India. If anyone can provide evidence to the contrary, I am willing to accept any punishment including retirement from public life,” the Chief Minister tweeted.

“Please be present in Assam Assembly and clarify instead of typing on Twitter. Congress MLAs in the morning have moved an adjournment motion to discuss the entire Pride Media- KMSY but your answer is lacking,” Mr Gogoi had responded.

An irked post from the Chief Minister then read: “Please do not lecture me on what to do. Whether I decide to go to the assembly or a court of law against you, I will make that decision myself.”

“Please do not get agitated,” Mr Gogoi shot back. “I will send you the link of Opposition MLAs wanting your presence in Assembly. I will be happy if you go to court at least then all the documents will be made public,” he added.

There on, the spat became intensely personal, drawing protests from many following the Chief Minister.

“Yes, I am agitated. There have been numerous reasons for my anger against your family since 2010. I am confident that we will meet in court, and once again, I will be able to prove my point. I have successfully done so in 2016 and 2021, and I am determined to do it again, both in the People’s Court and in a court of law,” Mr Sarma posted..

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of Assam’s tallest politicians experienced post-Covid complications. We advised his family to transfer him to Delhi for better treatment, with the state government covering the expenses. However, his distinguished son refused to take the patient to Delhi,”read another post.

“I feel sorry for you and I wish you well. Sharing my late father’s Tarun Gogoi’ s viral video https://youtu.be/8lblKM7YXgc?si=phPGSjpk77XQiIi5 In this video he said” I have never met a person who could touch my feet and put a dagger in my back at the same time ” (in Assamese),”Mr Gogoi shot back.

Source : NDTV