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Indonesia to Host the Asia-Pacific Space Experts Meeting This Year

Vienna, Austria – Indonesia will host the 29th international meeting of space experts in the Asia-Pacific region. The meeting will be held in Jakarta from 19 – 22 September 2023.

This was announced by the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Vienna, A. Alfiano Tamala, in the Indonesian Government General Statement during the 66th session of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) held at the Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria (5/6).

The space experts from the Asia-Pacific region will discuss the theme “Accelerating Space Economies through Regional Partnership.”

Deputy Chief of Mission Alfiano Tamala also mentioned that Indonesia has issued a Government Regulation No. 7 of 2023 on Space Technology Governance in February. This regulation covers the scope of governing and protecting space technology, security standards and procedures, safety in space technology governance, as well as the participation of society in space technology governance. 

The meeting is organised by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

The UNCOPUOS Committee Session is the highest-level decision-making forum based on the reports of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee (STSC) and the Legal Subcommittee (LSC). The UNCOPUOS Committee’s report will be presented to the United Nations General Assembly.

During this UNCOPUOS Committee session, the Indonesian Government also presented a report on its series of international activities in the space sector. Indonesia also reiterated the need for sui generis regulation on the Geo-Stationary Orbit (GSO), the necessity for clarity and certainty regarding the definition and boundaries between airspace and outer space, and the promotion of international cooperation in achieving the Space2030 Agenda.

A particular emphasis was placed on the need for technical cooperation in human resource development for the peaceful use of space technology, such as in the fields of health, telecommunications, weather, and climate change.

The 66th session of the UNCOPUOS Committee has taken place since 31 May 2023 and is to conclude on 9 June 2023.

Source : Kemlu