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Indonesia’s Stance on Palestine Will Never Change: Minister

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy has emphasized that Indonesia’s support for the independence of Palestine will never change.

“Indonesia’s stance will never change about the Palestinian issue, and the ultimate goal of our relations with the Palestinian nation and people is the creation of a sovereign state for Palestine,” he said in a statement issued by his ministry here on Tuesday.

He affirmed that the Indonesian government will continue to carry out lobbying and diplomacy with Islamic countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel to support efforts for a ceasefire.

He noted that the Indonesian government also sent humanitarian aid weighing 51.5 tons to Palestine on November 4, 2023.

The assistance has arrived in Egypt and is still in the queue at Rafah, the entrance to Gaza.

The minister informed that the evacuation of Indonesian nationals from Gaza is still being carried out.

He then appealed to Indonesian citizens who have chosen to stay in Gaza to remain careful while carrying out their humanitarian duties and not take risks.

Meanwhile, Indonesian citizens who have been evacuated are still in Egypt, awaiting their departure to Indonesia.

“We will continue to make efforts to evacuate those who are leaving Gaza. Some (evacuated Indonesians) are now in Egypt, just waiting for the next journey to Indonesia,” Effendy said.

He further said that the Ministry of Defense is currently in the process of sending a military hospital ship of international standard to Palestine that will be used to provide health services to victims in Gaza.

Earlier on Saturday (November 4, 2023), President Joko Widodo sent off humanitarian assistance weighing 51.5 tons for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The assistance comprised food, medical equipment, tents, and blankets, among other things.

Source : Antara News