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Minister Presses for Sustained Handling to Tackle Human Trafficking

Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga highlighted that sustained prevention and handling as well as support from all parties are needed to tackle human trafficking.

“Cooperation with many parties is key in the prevention and handling of human trafficking,” she noted in a statement here on Wednesday.

According to Puspayoga, joint actions are needed to put an end to human trafficking through efforts, including strengthening cooperation, both bilaterally and regionally, and by applying a gender equality approach in creating a more united, safe, and prosperous ASEAN region.

“The Indonesian government fully supports and is looking forward to sustained commitment from ASEAN countries in eradicating human trafficking and protecting women and children who are most vulnerable to being affected by and become victims of human trafficking,” she remarked.

To this end, she encouraged bilateral and regional commitment and cooperation between ASEAN countries in the fight against human trafficking in the ASEAN region.

Puspayoga said that handling human trafficking cases and protecting migrant workers in the ASEAN region needs to be carried out through a gender equality approach and basic respect for human rights.

The minister underscored that human trafficking is a serious issue that threatens the community, especially women and children. It also often causes violations of basic human rights and the dignity of individuals.

Furthermore, human trafficking is a crime that transcends national borders and is organized through syndicates, so joint handling at the international level, especially in the ASEAN region, is deemed necessary.

“The impact of human trafficking not only causes physical and psychological suffering for victims but also threatens social stability, boosts inequality, and threatens the values of human rights and justice,” she remarked.

Source : Antara News