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P3PD Successfully Increased Village Government Officials Capability in Resolving Village Borders

Acting Director General of Village Governance (Plh. Dirjen Bina Pimdes) at the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), La Ode Ahmad P Bolombo stated that the Village Governance and Development Strengthening Program (P3PD) was successful in helping village officials understand village borders issues.

P3PD is a solution to prepare village government officials who are reliable in realizing better quality village governance.

“We can conclude that this training has succeeded in helping village government officials understand what the learning objectives and substance are regarding village borders,” said La Ode when opening The Evaluation Meeting for Training Activities for Village Government Officials related to the Determination and Confirmation of Village Borders in the Context of Structuring Village Authority and Increasing Village Original Income for the Quality of Village Expenditures in 2023″, in Jakarta, Friday, Nov. 24, 2023.

La Ode explained that determining the village border is the first step in the participatory spatial planning process at the village level. Village borders that have been confirmed will clarify the limits of the implementation of village authority.

Village borders will also be the basis for planning land used in the village, mapping land ownership borders, and will be an integral part of preparing spatial planning at the district/city, provincial, and national levels.

In addition, by stipulating village borders in the Regent/Mayor Regulations, the administration of population, land, and assets in the Village will have clarity.

Clarity of Village borders also reduces and anticipates potential conflicts over village borders which are certainly undesirable.

“In this meeting, I would like to say that the progress in completing the village administrative area borders which has been reported by the region to the Ministry of Home Affairs is still very low,” he said.

 Out of the 75,265 villages in Indonesia, only 3,709 villages (4.93%) from 74 regencies in 24 provinces have reported the Regent/Mayor Regulations regarding Village Border Maps by the end of June 2023.

However, he believes that the achievements in resolving village borders that have been implemented by the regional government are more than that.

“Therefore, through this forum, I remind local governments to immediately coordinate and report to the Ministry of Home Affairs as the Data for Village Border Maps regarding the progress of Village borders that have been completed,” he said.

He hopes that this evaluation activity can be a good start in improving institutional and system capacity-building activities’ accountability and accelerating the completion of future Village border maps.

P3PD is a government program that is structurally supervised by several Ministries and Institutions, including the Ministry of Home Affairs as the program implementing unit in component 1 of P3PD.

The PAD PPBDes thematic training was carried out from September 20 to November 19, 2023. The target participants were 25,140 participants spread across 6,204 villages, 886 Districts, 136 Regencies/Cities in 31 Provinces.

Source : Tempo.co