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Philippine authorities repatriate 4 men from dark part-time job robbery

Manila = Sho Komine, Tetsuya Mizuno] Regarding the series of robberies in various places such as the Kanto region, the Philippine Department of Justice and the Japanese Embassy in Manila announced on the 30th about four Japanese men detained at local immigration facilities. Negotiations were held regarding the transfer of custody. According to the embassy, ​​the Japanese side once again requested an early repatriation, and the Philippine side responded, “We would like to immediately carry out the necessary procedures.”

According to investigative sources, four suspects, Yuki Watanabe (38), Masato Imamura (38), Seiya Fujita (38), and Tomonobu Kojima (45), are being detained at the scene. Both of them have arrest warrants issued by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of theft and other charges as leaders of a special fraud group that was exposed in the Philippines in 2019. Among the four suspects, Watanabe is said to have previously called himself “Luffy”, the same as the leader of a series of robberies.

The country’s Justice Minister Jesús Lemuria told reporters on the 30th that he would “resolve the issue” before President Marcos’ visit, which is coordinated around February 8. It is thought that the plan is to repatriate all of them before they visit Japan, or to make a decision to deport them.

 Of the four suspects, Imamura is ready to be deported, but Watanabe has been charged with a different crime locally and may take about two weeks to be handed over.

Mr. Lemuria has also indicated that he intends to cooperate with Japanese investigative authorities regarding the analysis of smartphones seized at the facility.

At a press conference on the 30th, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, “We will cooperate with the Philippine government as necessary to clarify the full extent of the incident.”

In a series of incidents, the victims of the robbery murder of 90-year-old Iyo Oshio at a house in Komae, Tokyo, were four items, three wristwatches and one diamond ring (worth about 600,000 yen). ).

 According to a senior officer of the Metropolitan Police Department, three wristwatches, including a Swiss luxury watch “Franck Muller”, were left in the car of a rental car that was found in Adachi Ward on the 20th of this month, the day after the incident. Rikuto Nagata, 21, who was using this rental car (arrested in a robbery causing injury in Nakano Ward), said about the wristwatch, “A friend told me that it would make money (if I sold it). ” he said.

 According to investigative sources, a smartphone found in the same rental car contained a message from a person calling himself “Kim” with the address of Oshio’s home. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that Kim and “Luffy” are the leaders of the same group.

Source : Yomiuri