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PM Says No Unity Govt Minister Engaged in ‘Greedy Practices’

SERDANG: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim claims that no minister in the unity government has been found violating good governance practices so far.

“In the past seven months, there have been no cases of ministers engaging in old greedy practices of ‘stealing’ government contracts, because we are firm in upholding good governance, and avoiding corruption and leakages,” he said when addressing the crowd of about 10,000 during the Felda Settlers’ Day celebration here today.

“We are facing severe economic problems with huge debts and unresolved issues, but I’m confident that if we follow the right path, avoid leakages and greed, and refrain from taking what is not rightfully ours, Malaysia will rise as a great and strong nation in this region.”

Anwar also said there have been no instances of sabotage in the government, despite his Cabinet comprising various parties.

“I’m in (Pakatan Harapan), (deputy prime minister) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is from Umno, but we can agree to make the best decisions for Felda, the Malays and all Malaysians.

“When I proposed to the Cabinet to help Felda, it was supported by deputy prime minister Fadillah Yusof, Zahid, and transport minister Loke Siew Fook. This is the unity that brings benefits to the people,” he added.

Anwar, who is also finance minister, reiterated the government’s commitment to write off Felda settlers’ loans amounting to RM8.3 billion.

Nevertheless, he reminded Felda’s management to be more efficient and avoid leakages or investments that would harm the statutory body’s interests.

Anwar also said he has given permission to Zahid, who is also rural and regional development minister, to visit Felda areas to help improve basic facilities, such as street lights and school toilets.

“Felda is under my purview, but I’m giving room to Zahid and his ministry, both in terms of allocations and authority, to make necessary changes without being bound by outdated regulations and policies,” he said, adding that Putrajaya would have a special focus on Felda settlers in the 2024 federal budget which will be tabled in October.

Source : FMT