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Russia, China Naval Forces Conduct Artillery Firing in Joint Drills

As part of the “North/Interaction-2023” naval drills held in the Sea of Japan, the Russian Pacific Fleet said on Saturday that Russian and Chinese naval forces conducted joint artillery firing at a sea target.

“During the joint naval exercise ‘North/Interaction-2023’, a joint detachment of ships performed artillery firing at a sea target simulating a surface vessel of a theoretical enemy,” the statement read.

According to the statement, Russian warships fired at the target at a range of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles), using 100-mm A-190 and AK-100 artillery systems.

As for the Chinese side, they fired from 130-mm H/PJ-38 naval guns and 76-mm dual-purpose guns.

The drills further included practicing searching, escorting, and ousting an unidentified submarine.

On July 19, the Chinese Defense Ministry announced that the joint exercises between China and Russia, dubbed Northern Interaction 2023, had kicked off.

The exercises aim to strengthen future security in the maritime routes in the region, further improve strategic military cooperation between the two countries, bolster joint coordination to maintain regional peace and stability, and increase readiness to respond to mutual security challenges.

Moscow and Beijing have increased their cooperation in recent years, proclaiming a “no limits” partnership, which was highlighted this year after both nations announced taking bilateral relations to new historic levels with aims to co-contribute to the creation of a multipolar world on the basis of a more “just world order” in contrast to the current status quo under Western hegemony.

China has repeatedly decried the “illegal” and provocative intrusion of US warships into waters surrounding the country, especially in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait.

In September 2022, Russia and China agreed to deepen defense cooperation with a focus on holding joint exercises.

Source: Al Mayadeen