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Technology helps to provide uniform, high-quality education: ministry – ANTARA News

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Technological advancement has supported the government’s efforts toward equalizing the quality of education in Indonesia, Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Suharti has said.

“I always mention the need for equalizing the quality. With the existing technology, everything is easier now,” she said at the “Acer Edu Summit 2023” here on Tuesday.

According to her, the ministry has continued to make efforts for bringing about an educational transformation through the provision of quality services to all Indonesian people.

The presence of digital technology has boosted the transformation of education, especially for people in remote areas.

According to Suharti, equal distribution of quality education is essential because it will provide added value to children who will become the nation’s future.

She explained that education in schools is a “vehicle” for children to develop and explore their curiosity, which can help them achieve their goals.

“Every Indonesian citizen has the same right to educational services. Not merely services, but it must be ensured that the services are of quality,” she said.

She recounted that earlier, before technology was as advanced as it is today, the government was having a hard time providing and distributing learning materials.

At that time, learning materials were still in printed form. Thus, it was a challenge to distribute them to remote areas.

“We had to spend so much money. The delivery was so difficult because it was not only (carried out) in urban areas but even in remote areas, where transportation must be by water,” she explained.

However, she did not deny that despite the existence of technology, there are still some areas in Indonesia that are still undeveloped in terms of education.

Thus, it has become a challenge for the government and other stakeholders, including private parties, to strengthen educational services in those areas.

Source: antara news