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TNI Embraces “Smart Power” Approach to Counter KKB Attacks

Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Commander, General Agus Subiyanto, said on Friday that TNI will implement a “smart power” approach to counter recent attacks by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Highland Papua.

“In addressing this matter, we must employ a smart power approach,” he declared during a press conference in Jakarta.

He explained that the smart power approach combines hard power (military force), soft power (non-military means), and diplomatic efforts to tackle security challenges in Papua.

He emphasized that soft power remains a priority, while hard power will be considered a last resort, given the KKB’s relentless attacks on troops.

“If hard power is the last resort, and since they have resorted to violent attacks against our troops, then yes, we will use hard power,” Subiyanto asserted.

Separately, Colonel Hendhi Yustian, Head of the Information Department of the Indonesian Army Strategic Reserve Command, confirmed a firefight between the 411/Pandawa Raider Battalion Task Force personnel and the KKB in Paro, Nduga, Highland Papua, on November 30, resulting in the deaths of two TNI soldiers.

However, Yustian did not elaborate on the incident’s chronology.

Another firefight erupted on November 25 between the 411/Pandawa Raider Battalion Task Force and the KKB in Nduga, injuring four soldiers.

The Cartenz 2023 Peace Task Force, working with the Papua Regional Police, is bolstering security in nine areas identified as potential hotspots for KKB activities.

Public Relations Head of the 2023 Cartenz Peace Task Force, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bayu Suseno, affirmed on November 30 that his team was diligently implementing preventive measures, including early detection and intensive patrols in the nine Cartenz peace operation areas.

He reiterated that the joint TNI and National Police (Polri) team in the Cartenz Task Force is focused on securing these nine areas to prevent security disruptions caused by the armed group seeking separation from Indonesia.

Source : Antara News