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Vietnam Protests China’s Installation of Facilities in Paracel Isles

Tensions between China and Vietnam are rising in the South China Sea. The Vietnamese government has lodged a protest against Beijing. It criticized China for installing vessel identification systems in the waters around the disputed Paracel Islands.

Chinese media outlets have reported that the authorities installed automatic identification stations at two locations. They say the step was taken to ensure that ships can operate safely around the islands.

A Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesperson released a statement on Monday. She said that China’s move infringes on Vietnam’s sovereignty. The official called on Beijing to fully respect the sovereignty of her country. She also urged China not to repeat the violation.

Beijing claims that it has jurisdiction over most of the South China Sea. That includes the Paracel isles.

Territorial disputes between China and other Southeast Asian nations are also causing concerns.

The Philippine Coast Guard announced that it conducted a “special operation” on Monday. It said it removed a floating barrier that China had installed near the Scarborough Shoal.

The shoal is located within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. But it has been effectively controlled by China since 2012.

Source : NHK